ISSMARTBUTTON – iStyle SmartButton

Smart Button is the best way to take a picture yourself when you’re alone or group.
Smart Button allows you switching from Front to Rear camera, zooming in & out wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Enjoy and you won’t be out of the frame!.

iStyle Remote Camera SmartButton

• Bluetooth 4.0: Lower Energy Technology
• Free App from App Store
• Mode Switching
Camera ↔ Video Mode
Front Camera ↔ Rear Camera
• Camera Shutter Button
Taking a Picture & Video
• Battery Alarm
• Album Preview
• Pair Smart Button to Mobile Phone
1. Set your device to Bluetooth Discoverable Mode
2. Search and Install from App Store
3. Run Application
4. Press MFB Button
5. Enjoy & Freeze the Best Moments
• Coverage Up to 10 mtrs

Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy S3,Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Apple iPhone5, Apple iPhone 4S (NOT iPhone 4), Apple NEW iPad (iPad3), Apple iPad Mini and Apple NEW iPod Touch

Coming soon