PowerPill – iStyle PowerPill Rapid Charge

POWERPILL- Mediicine for the non-charging iPad. The POWERPILL is an adaptor which when plugged into the standard USB port generates enough current to enable the PC to charge the iPad device, allowing for direct charge from your computer or in-car.
As you’d expect, due to the additional power, the PowerPill also offers rapid charge – charging the device up to four times faster than conventional USB charging. And it’s not just iPad users that stand to benefit – the iStyle PowerPill is designed for use with iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Smart Phones and Samsung Galaxy Tablets.

PowerPill Rapid Charge

• USB Power Converter from 1.0 to 2.0AMP
• Rapid charge from PC & In-Car
• Perfect for iPad & iPhone 5
• More than 2 to 4 times Faster Charging than Conventional USB Charging
• Use iPhone/iPad Cable Provided by Apple
• Mode Select – Press Button on Adaptor

• Input: DC5V
• Output: DC 5V, 700mA~2, 100mA
• Colour: White

CNET Australia iStyle PowerPill review:

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